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Spiritual Wellness

Spirituality is deeply personal and means different things to different people.

No matter what it means to you, having some sort of connection to a greater purpose and knowing that there is a plan is important to keep our own sense of self purpose and peace. You just need to observe anything in our environment and how it interacts with the things around it to realize that everything was by design, and nothing here is without purpose. Everything we need to exist seems to have been provided for us. We should always be asking ourselves how, why, and for whom.

Respect others spirituallity

For most people the answers are going to be different and that's ok. Some people meditate to find inner peace and to connect to the earth or universe, others search for answers in the bible. When talking about spirituality we should never seek 100% agreement. It's important to understanding that we are all searching for the answers to the exact same questions. That commonality should enough to bind us. We are all unique people with our own experiences that shaped our beliefs so we should respect the fact that not everyone is going to come to the same conclusion. 

Search for your answers

Ask your self these questions on purpose and meaning of life. Whether through religion or meditation it is healthy to search out the answers to these questions even if we don't think we will ever be 100% sure on the answers. Not seeking these answers is like taking the deepest emotion and insecurity you will ever have in your life and keeping it bottled up inside. Even with your smallest emotions its always good to talk to someone or let it out in some way so this should be more true when it comes to the biggest questions that we all struggle with every day. I'm going to provide different recourses and messages for you to seek out your answers and help you find your spiritual wellness. I can't possibly provide every resource for every belief but I will try to add some variety in the content I add here. My wife and I are Christian so most of our blog posts will probably reflect our own beliefs but I try to post mostly inspirational quotes and words that hopefully everyone can find meaning in.

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