Fitness Trackers

Why do I need a fitness tracker?

Fitness trackers are a great way to monitor all your fitness activity and I found them to be a great motivating tool. They can encourage you move more, help you to sleep better, and help you improve your overall wellness. Follow us on twitter

Which tracker to choose?

There are now hundreds of cheap knockoffs and new comers to the fitness tracker market. I can not speak to the quality of the cheap knockoffs so I stay away from them. It's almost always worth it to spend a little more for a top quality product that will last and will be supported into the future. For that reason my top recommendations based on my experience with the brand and consumer reviews is Fitbit. They were the leader in the industry and they have a wide selection of products. 

There are also some other well known brands  getting into the fitness tracker market that I think are worth considering.  

Take a look!

Instead of searching through the hundreds of different brands and models of fitness trackers we narrow it down to a handful of the top models from Fitbit and Samsung for you to conceder. There should be a style and price range for everyone.

Recommended Fitness Trackers