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Smashing your goals!

We all have a different set of personal goals when it comes to fitness. Its important to recognize what you want to achieve, but don't think of your fitness goal as a single goal you need to reach. Wellness is not about a short term goal. Wellness is about living a happy healthy life, for the rest of your life. When thinking about your goals think about a lifestyle change and your personal wellness as a life long goal and if you have any short term goals such as loosing 20 pounds, getting tone, or gaining extra muscle mass, add them in as a secondary goal. This should reinforce in your mind that your goal doesn't end when you lose that 20 pounds or gain that physical build you were looking for.

Building your fitness plan.

When building a fitness plan that works for you start by adding all the activitys or exercise that you truely enjoy doing. Whether its yoga, tennis, golf, hiking, kayaking, biking, dance. Make these activities part of your long term fitness plan and try to do at least one physical activity you love each day for the rest of your life. If you have short term goals of loosing weight, building muscle, or being more flexible, use that motivation and add an extra workout program in addition to your long term activity. 

Lets get active!

Are you ready to achieve your physical wellness? Then lets get started! Below you will find all sorts of resources to help inspire, motivate, and tackle your personal fitness plan. 

Wellness Blog

Exercise Gear

Workout Programs

There are many great home workout programs for those who prefer to workout at home. There should be a program that fits your needs.


Here are some great products for working out at home that can complement any kind of at home workout program.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are a great way to help you move more, get better sleep, and improve your overall wellness. I find them to be a great motivator!

Fitness Book Recommendations