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What does money have to do with wellness?

Everything! Money can have a great impact on your mental state and wellbeing, and your mental health can even effect your physical health. I break down financial health into three key factors. Income, spending, and saving. To have your best financial health you should  work on all three factors. Each of those factors really weigh heavy on your mind and take a toll on your mental health. Here we will explore some different ways to handle your budget, save, invest, and even some ways you might be able to increase or make an additional income.

Financial Freedom!

Having the tools to budget, save, get a higher paying job, or add secondary income to your household can greatly help your mental and physical health by decreasing your stress level and ease worries about your future. No matter what your situation in life we can all take steps to improve our own situation. You might think because you don’t make a lot of money you can’t do as much to improve as a person with a lot of money. That’s actually not true at all. In fact, you have more incentive, more drive, more opportunities for improvement, and each improvement has greater impact on your current financial state. Everyone can benefit from better understanding of finance including setting a budget and investing.

Are you ready to improve your financial wellness?

Well let’s get started then! We provide lots of different content and products that can help you along the way. Use any of these resources that most interest you and come up with your own plan based on your personal finances and realistic goals that you can accomplish. If you would like to learn more on this subject I recommend Tony Robbins' Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook


There are many ways to increase your income depending how devoted and ambitious you are. We will cover options that you might not have known you had.


If you are like my family you will see that a huge part of your monthly spending is on eating out, groceries, and probably credit card debt. We have some tips for reducing spending, paying down credit card debt, and setting up a monthly budget. 


Now days there are so many great ways to save and Invest money which are easy, informative, and even fun! We will talk about many of the newest investment apps as well as the more traditional investment sites and great financial books. Take a look! 

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