Wellness Matters to Us

We are Derek and Myriam

My wife and I have are wellness enthusiasts and work on the side for an all-natural, wellness company. My wife has a B.A. in physical education and is working on her masters in Theology. She is a multi-lingual English, Spanish, and ASL interpreter. I am a home builder with 20 plus years in construction and have focused on healthy building products and practices. I have educated myself on many forms of diet and exercise and have many years of experience in finance and investing. My wife and I have been advocates for using non-harmful, all-natural products around the home which is why we also partner with a leading  manufacture to provide all different types of natural home cleaning products and detergents, nutrition products, supplements, and much more. If you want to here more about that click here.

What we provide

We offer our website as a 100% free service. We research and gather trusted resources, articles, products, Books, and services across many areas of mental and physical health, and we offer our own knowledge throughout the website. We do not sell any items or services ourselves. We only provide links to them for your convenience. If you enjoy the information provided on our site please help promote it on social media and signing up for our free newsletter.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our users a space where they can get a wide range of  information and tools to take control of their own mental and physical wellness. We are passionate about sharing and reviewing interesting products, apps, websites, services, books, and more, and offering our own insight and tips. We would also like to eventually make this a platform where our subscribers can share their own knowledge either through chat or a forum. We will explore these options later in 2018

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